About Sim-plistic

While today’s game industry and market is pretty much open for debate, sim-plistic values one thing alone, designing and developing fun, innovative, unique games, that are both visually attractive and is not strictly dependant on monotone actions the industry has seem to come down to.

Through out the past development as issues appeared and been addressed, it was more and more obvious that the usualy “scheme” of game content through all the AAA games we all have played have either been secondary jobs that just had to be there to get things done, or a repetition of the past work, that is not necessarily brand new to anyone but just another way to play the same thing.

While it is obvious to pretty much all of us by now, is that one game can not make the difference on it’s own, that is, some key points are must haves, while the rest can be tempered with, those tweaks that add to the flavor. Sim-plistic aims to bring these along a different and distinctive content to the viewer, and is willing to go to such lengths where the player will be able to experience the story in a way so that it is both visually and virtually attractive, but also interactively easy to comprehend, so it is safe to say, as an initial point of view, there is much to show and share, and even learn for sim-plistic.

Games made “Simple”

As far as the games go, as of date it’s just Amiss 13 in the works, sim-plistic games follow a nice and easy going simple pattern.

While the simple look and bright colors may divert the attention from the main points, by being interpreted as childish and alike it also serves the visuals in a way to reach the audience in a wider point of view. Which enables the viewer to experience the content from a different perspective thus maintaining a clearer and simpler image that is being transpassed trough in-game experience.