Jobs listed for the fall

Several planned openings are listed for the fall period. If you are willing to work on a short time brief project and would like to join, fill out a form on the jobs section of the website.

Amiss 13 game launch, further steps in development

Initial release notes and the road map for further content and plans…
With the delay of the launch, due to unexpected technical difficulties, the launch will follow a different path from the original plan. I personally find it to be my responsibility to share some more of the plans that await the game and further related possible content within our grasp.

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Game page and WIP page

Hi, everyone, as the website is renewed now we have Amiss 13: the Curse game website and more information on future projects.

 Future projects include a possible sequel to Amiss 13 and Threshold: the beginning rework.

News on the Demo

Due to certain setbacks and technical difficulties, initial builds had lots of bugs and errors. As these are mostly taken care of, the game should be possible to play throughly again.

As there may be inconveniences on occasion, such as rituals malfunctioning, they will be getting tended to asap.