Below you may find estimated job placings for the up and coming projects and work periods. Keep in mind they will not be responded immediately as the work flow contains more than background checks and simple analysis.

If you feel you are up for the task listed, please read job descriptions and directions throughly before filling out the application form.

As we are based in Turkey, Istanbul, we expect applicants from within the country borders but remote applicants are also accepted.


Social Media Manager

Requirements: A responsible and sociable person who is both good in public relations and has the appropriate work attitude and can work along well among others. Knowledge in multiple languages is a big plus. Ability to communicate with different circles.

Responsibilities: Keep social media accounts up to date and interact with the crowds on a daily basis, while keeping it in an orderly fashion.

Seats: 1

Web Site Administrator and Developer

Requirements: Knowledge in basic web languages and wordpress along with MYSQL, php and .NET integration.

Responsibilities: Develop and customize website further and assist programmers in website to game integration.

Seats: 1

Public Relations Representative

Requirements: Knowledge in multiple languages, the ability to travel on occasion. Have a moderate amount of knowledge of the market and work requirements.

Responsibilities: Represent the studio and publishing in occasional meetings within dialogue and reason.

Seats: 1

Game Developer

Requirements: High amount of knowledge and experience in Unity, C# .NET, various programming models involving gameplay elements, both server and client side coding. Ability to co-operate in a friendly work environment with others.

Responsibilities: Integrate and develop games further, work with artists and designers to maintain the desired product.

Seats: 2

3D Animator / Graphics Artist

Requirements: Either the ability to provide supplied models with smooth, high quality animations or the actual in-game or higher quality, cinematics material that fit the desired criteria and is presentable. Moderate proficiency in Zbrush, maya, photoshop and blender.

Responsibilities: Interact with the rest, help and assist the design and the work flow. Supply demanded material, ready to be used in the final implementation.

Seats: 3

Story Writer

Requirements: The ability to come up different and distinct ways to utilize and highlight signature characters and events to a degree that will somehow twist and modify the story lines and audience perception to a state of content. Moderate amount of experience with mythology, science fiction and fantasy elements in a story to better reflect and improve the story itself.

Responsibilities: Work with a design group to produce the desirable putcome for the video game. Be precise about the given restrictions in both work place and the work being done.


How to Apply

Please fill out the required fields with the necessary information along with your CV, links to your portfolio and samples of your work and a cover letter explaining why you wish to join and in what ways you feel confident which would make you a valuable asset. All applicants are expected to know and be relatively fluent in the english language. Do make sure you include your experiences as gamers, hobbyists and enthusiasts with relative cultures.

Upon Submission

As the applications may take a while to be considered for the relative tasks at hand, once you apply it is a good idea to plan out how to represent yourselves to a group and in what ways you can assist the development process and/or how far you are willing to go for it.

It is considered common courtesy to have a good understanding of the video games and environments in order to be a part of the development process.

Application Form

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