Threshold: the Beginning

Threshold: the beginning, an older game that used to be on hold, is being reworked, recovering it’s glory.

Original Design

First of in the series Threshold: the Beginning is in the works; this time with a larger team and a stronger story line and a much more solid gameplay.

Game Features:
-> Choose from 3 different classes with unique abilities, traits.
-> Explore the world through the eyes of an early victim of a chain of the plague and the disasters that follow the threshold.
-> Collect loot, expand your abilities and increase your character’s level and power.
-> Progress through dozens of stages of regular, double, triple and customized boss fights, unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the realm.
-> Watch the credits roll, and thank us for our work.

Game Specs

Type: Turn-based RPG Adventure

Genre: fantasy, sci-fi

 Game Design and Plot

 The game was initially designed to force players into a perspective of existence that is in ways much like ours, while separating it from reality just enough to present the distinction of civilization to natural order and selection. As the story involves and revolves around definitive events of chaos, there is usually a way, a possibility that stands above the rest, giving hope however false or misleading it might be.

At times the characters would prevail, while in others they may have to fight harder, or even lose a few. But in threshold fight is one single point that defines your survival.


Threshold is set in a universe that is however like ours it maybe has mysteries and a past that is so harsh, and so unknown, every revelation would lead to more questions, or a piece of a larger puzzle that answers or even questions are still to come.

Base Character Specs

Endurance : Health points and regeneration

Strength : Attack damage bonus

Alignment : Critical damage bonus

luck : Critical strike rate and loot modifier

wisdom: Mystical critical strike damage bonus

dexterity :  Energy source and regeneration

Factional Perks

Madness Driven: Jim Vane is the patient zero, and it spread like wild fire. As the name suggests, these madness driven beings are
blood thirsty killers are driven by not just their madness but mystical karma itself. Those who are in close lengthwaves
wonder in packs. Although their existance were prophecized, their creation was no mysticism, it is known to be a disease.
Characteristic specifications: Madness, enhanced regeneration, rage, super-strength, heat-vision.

Storm Clairant: These people are in an early stage of their own evolution, despite being an after stage of the known stage of mankind.
They have a link within, and a pain that runs through their bodies periodically, and they want their lives back!
Characteristic specifications: Periodical pain, telepathy, store charges of electricity, high intelligence

Cynical Survival: These poor people have been forced to survive the disasters and the unnatural on their own. Making use of their gadgets and
the ancient magic, these people are also equipped with the deadliest techniques available to the remaining mankind.
Characteristic specifications: Reincarnation, novice of the ancient arts, escape artist, masterful dexterity

The Combo System

Abilities in Threshold: the beginning are processed through combinations of ability pieces. Ability pieces can be found in 3 types, and they can form combinations of up to 6 pieces.

  •  Initializers: Every ability combo has to start with an initializer. Initializers are the costliest of the pieces and decide on the main specs of the ability.
  •  Modifiers: Modifiers have low costs and are used to modify the strength, cost and range of the ability effects.
  •  Finishers: Finishers are usually low cost bonus modifiers that improve the effect in a larger scale than regular modifiers.

 Planned Changes